All of your relational habits don't immediately disappear the moment you walk in the office door.

How to Listen to How's Work

Welcome to How’s Work?, a podcast from Esther Perel that brings a new perspective to the invisible forces that shape workplace connections, conflict and dynamics through one-time therapy sessions with coworkers, co-founders and colleagues.

On this site, you’ll find more information about the podcast, Season 1 episodes, transcripts, and show notes to complement your listening experience, and opportunities to stay connected.

Where to Start

Each episode is a stand-alone story. Start at the beginning or click on an episode to read through the show notes to find themes most interesting to you.If you need inspiration, here are some of our favorite episodes from Season 1:

How to Listen

There are two ways to enjoy podcasts: by listening online or via your favorite streaming service.

Prefer to listen online?
Bookmark this page on your computer or mobile device. Select any episode to access the audio, show notes, and transcripts.

Prefer on-the-go listening?
Download episodes to your mobile device or tablet. Follow How’s Work? on Spotify, iTunes, or your favorite podcast app and never miss an episode. Each new episode will automatically load to your listening device when it’s released. It’ll also give us a boost of confidence that you’re listening! Here's How: 

  1. Download your favorite podcast app.
  2. Search “How’s Work with Esther Perel”
  3. Select “Follow” or “Subscribe” to receive your automatic updates.
  4. Find downloaded episodes in your Library or Favorites.

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Looking for More? 

We have more to give. Be sure to check out Esther’s podcast Where Should We Begin. You’ll step into her office and listen as real couples anonymously bare the raw, intimate, and profound details of their story. How’s Work? is a podcast for anyone who has ever had a job. Where Should We Begin is a podcast for anyone who has ever loved. 

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